Thursday, 8 December 2016

MDF Christmas Word Art with lots of Sparkle!

Hello crafty friends!
How are you all? I love that crafting is such a friendly hobby, it's so lovely to speak to lots of people and share hints and tips! I love it when I meet someone as keen as me about crafty things, I feel reassured that I am not the only paper-sniffing, stamp collecting, Pinterest mad, ink covered, paper hoarding person out there...

Time for playing with some Christmas MDF this month - something I love!

I started with a blank, un-primed MDF word from Imagination Crafts...

and painted front and back with one of my favourite Starlight Paints: Menthol.

Once dry, I added some Starlights White Gold using a natural piece of sponge, as I wanted to try and get a textured look.

Once this was dry, I used a star stencil from my stash with some Welsh Gold Sparkle Medium to highlight the centre letter with some detail. I love this colour of Sparkle Medium, it goes with so much: vintage, Christmas, male cards, you name it!

Putting the word aside to dry, I set to work on the embellishments. I wanted to add some poinsettias with a difference, so I die cut them in several sizes using some of the gorgeous Woodware Vellum. This vellum is nice and thick and gives a lovely effect when cut and embossed (which I will show you later!) You will notice that I was a little hasty taking some out of my dies and de-leafed a couple, but it didn't matter, as those bits will be hidden in the layers!

Before embossing any of the petals, I used some Spectrum Noir Pencils to colour them. I chose to make the greens/white style of Poinsettia, as this would tone in with my MDF base:

There was no need to be precise with the colouring, it was done mainly to give some tone and difference so that the flowers didn't look 'too perfect'.

Once coloured, I put the petals back into the dies and embossed. A tip here: either emboss in the middle of your machine if you have a large platform one, loosen the pressure if you can, remove a plate or place the vellum in some paper before embossing, so that you protect it and prevent it from cracking.

My next step was to enhance the colour and for this I used Champagne Inka Gold on the edges of the petals. I used my finger to lightly apply the medium, creating a shiny effect.

Once this was dry, I used my finger again, this time applying Imagination Craft's Inca Gold Alchemy Wax all over the embossed areas really making them pop.

To finally assemble my flowers I off-set several layers and glued together. I then used some glue gel to make a centre dome and added some white and yellow seed beads along with some brown glitter. Odd combo I grant you, but I like it!

Wanting to add yet more embellishments to my finished piece, I raided my beading and jewellery stash and used some wire to make some 'hangy bits' (I am sure there is a professional word, answers on a postcard please!)

All bits complete, some ribbon, fiddling with the layout and I was done!

I hope you like it, I had fun with it and loved using lots of different things from my stash to make it.


Menthol SLWhite Gold SLMDF Words - JOY Welsh Gold SM Pure White VellumInka Gold - Champagne Inca Gold AWX


Wednesday, 7 December 2016

My Snowman Baubles....

Good Morning my lovelies,

Can you believe that it only two and a half weeks until Christmas? 
I just do not know where the last few weeks have gone! 

Mind you I have not been very well for the last three weeks, I have just had one thing after another that has knocked me back but finally I can see a little light at the end of the tunnel and feel a bit stronger to fight it all off. The hacking cough and cold have nearly gone. I have slowed down somewhat so will try to avoid putting my back out, twisting my knee or shutting my finger in the kitchen door and fracturing it again. I really have had my fair share, time for someone else! 
I don't like to be greedy, lol!!!.......

Well last week we had the end of the year workshops and it was the Christmas Party Classes and as normal we had a wonderful time with lots of home baked delicious food, great party games and fabulous fun as well as we managed to get an MDF Bauble or two made too!

We decorated the MDF Baubles that I designed for Imagination Crafts and it was so lovely to see everyone's different takes on them, so many variations.
If you managed to miss Kirsten's lovely blog post on the Christmas workshop's you can have a look HERE:
She has also created a facebook album of all of the makes from the class HERE:

So today I thought that I would show you a couple of Snowman baubles that I made for the class to give some inspiration for the ladies......

I really loved making these. Here is a list below of what I used on the bauble below, all are items that I stock on my website:

Gold and white permanent pens.

A closer look at the detail......

Once I made him, I decided that I would like to light him up. So I used a hot glue gun to attach the lights around the bauble and voila.......

Frosty by night!

He look so great with lights on.......

I then went on to create another bauble but this time just using two layers. I then created a scene to go behind it from Distress Inks, Starlights, Diamond Sparkle Medium and Cracked Ice.....

Well I do hope that you have enjoyed have a little peek at my baubles today!!

Do take care this week and the run up to Christmas as the streets are so busy and I will be back next week with more baubles!!

Love and hugs 
Lisa B xx

Monday, 5 December 2016

Winter Scene Bauble

Good morning, Kirsten here, I hope everyone had a nice weekend. I had a very lazy Sunday, recovering from all Lisa's & my preparations for the Christmas party classes & then
the classes themselves on Friday. Today I'd like to show the first of my three MDF baubles that I decorated for the classes................

I began with the Village Fence from Anna Marie Designs, applying Rusty Patina Blanc with a palette knife. I gave it a quick blast with my heat tool, scratched into it with a piercing tool, then set it aside to dry overnight...........

(Rusty Patina gives such a nice, rough texture when it's dry, due to the rust particles in it & once it's dry you can keep adding more to build up as much texture as you like).

The next day I painted the fence with Sax Blue Starlights, pushing the paint into the cracks before wiping off the surface layer with a baby wipe - using a clean piece each time. I used a baby wipe with paint on it to add a little paint to the bottom of the fence...........

I used the same techniques with the Rusty Patina & Starlights (Topaz & Antique Gold) on the little Anna Marie Designs birdhouse.......

This is the spacer bauble that comes with the MDF set. I applied Rusty Patina Blanc to it with a palette knife & used the tip of the palette knife to tap into the wet RP to create texture. When the RP was dry, (I left it overnight also), I painted the bauble with Sax Blue, Blue & Mediterranean Sky Starlights..................

I had previously painted the MDF trees with Green & Emerald Starlights for another project, so I just painted Mediterranean Sky & Sax Blue on top & added Diamond SM................

The MDF birds were painted with Topaz & Zinober Gold Starlights & I created the snowy mound by brayering a mix of Diamond Sparkle Medium & Cracked Ice glitter on to white card then cutting the dry card to fit the base of the bauble & cover the bottom of the fence....................

I used hot glue to adhere everything to the bauble, added a ribbon to the top & a few Art Cutz snowflakes that I'd painted with Blue & Pearl Starlights & some gems to the trees & the bauble was finished......................

Birds MDF   Bird Houses MDF   Village Fences   Rusty Patina    Cracked Ice Sparkling Glitter    

Mediterranean Sky SLPearl SLSax Blue SLZinober Gold SL     SM Spatula JT3   

Mini Brayer

Thank you for visiting the blog today, have a great week.